CAESES European Users’ Meeting 2017

CAESES European Users’ Meeting 2017

CAESES European Users’ Meeting 2017

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FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS would like to invite you to join the celebrations of 10 years of innovation with a CAESES® European Users’ Meeting at the end of September 2017.

CAESES: 10 Years of Innovation

FRIENDSHIP-Framework 1.0, released in 2007

FRIENDSHIP-Framework 1.0, released in 2007

We are celebrating the 10-years anniversary of CAESES®!

The first Limited CD Edition of the FRIENDSHIP-Framework 1.0 was released August 30, 2007 – one decade ago. Ten years later we have just released CAESES® 4.2 and are rapidly approaching CAESES® 5.0.

Not only the name has changed – CAESES® has been the new name of the FRIENDSHIP-Framework for quite a few years by now – but many exciting functionality has been added such as

  • Feature modeling
  • Distributed computing
  • Fully-parametric modeling with Meta Surfaces
  • Partially-parametric modeling
  • Design viewer, charts and automatic reports
  • Advanced optimization via Dakota
  • BRep technology
  • Parametric-adjoint optimization

“The installation file for the first release comprised 14 MB of data while CAESES® 4.2 is currently shipped with more than 205 MB. Even though many new things have been introduced, the essence has stayed the same: The firm belief that simulation-driven design is changing the way engineers develop and improve the performance of their products, using smart variable geometry and optimization.” says Dr. Stefan Harries, one of the founders of FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS.

Thanks to all CAESES® users for being able to celebrate 10 successful years of CAESES® in 2017 – without you this would not be possible!


Event Venue

This major event will take place at the Seminaris SeeHotel, in the fascinating green area of Potsdam, Germany.

How to Get There

We recommend to take the train or public transport until Potsdam main station. There you can get a taxi that brings you to the venue in a few minutes. More information about how to get there can be found on the hotel’s website.




We have scheduled a separate workshop day on Sep 27 in the same venue, while the conference will take place on Sep 28-29, 2017. Confirmed speakers are e.g. from SIEMENS Power Generation, Caterpillar Propulsion and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.





The event venue allows us to offer our partners and interested companies a limited space for an exhibition. If you are interested to have a booth at this event, please register below and we will get back to you.

Setting up the booths can be done on Wednesday, Sep 27, from 7 p.m. Note that the hotel provides a bar table for each exhibitor. Parking is possible in front of the hotel for setting up the booth. There is also an official parking space right at the hotel if you travel by car.



On Wednesday, Sep 27, we will offer 3 special workshops for our CAESES® users. For registration, please use the form at the bottom of this page. Here is an overview of the contents:



The maritime workshop aims at automating reoccurring processes in hull form design and optimization, analysis of parameters from existing designs as well as integrating propellers tighter into the optimization process. Project templates will be presented and discussed allowing ship designers in the early design stage to respond to their customers’ inquiries very quickly by providing a variety of properties from empirical methods as well as from simulations.  Adjustments of principle dimensions and refinement of local shape characteristics to an imported design can be applied within minutes and numerical assessment is fully integrated. The same principle will be demonstrated along specific parametric models for particular ship types. Hull-propeller interaction in the design and analysis process becomes more important since hull form optimization for resistance quite often does not translate into the best design under self-propulsion condition. Configuring propeller stock models in CAESES® will be demonstrated including methods to derive properties from the propellers that can be fed in to the simulation methods at hand.




For the efficient and robust design of parametric models for the turbomachinery and powertrain sector, there is a set of powerful functionality in CAESES®. Based on demo examples, we will give you an idea of which methods are available and how to use them best to face even complex modeling situations with a high customization level. In particular, we dig into some advanced features of BReps that help you to set up geometry that is 100% robust during automated design studies and formal shape optimizations. We will discuss e.g. how to make use of resulting curves from trim and Boolean operations, usage of boundary and rail as well as tangent curves, parametric custom fillets, important NURBS details such as data amount, geometry tolerances and control net visualization, and internal optimizations for matching given cross-section area distributions.




CAESES® projects can be wrapped into easy-to-use browser applications. With this, companies can make use of their geometry models without the need of a CAESES® installation and without being an CAESES® expert. These projects can be used online through the Internet, or they can be separately hosted on-site in your company. In this workshop, we give you all details about the current development and how the next major version of CAESES® is related to this work. This workshop is free of charge for all attendees of the other 2 workshops.



Registration Details

In order to register for the workshops and the European Users’ Meeting, please use the form below. Note that the given prices do not include any taxes.

Conference fees include

  • Welcome reception on Sep 27 in the evening
  • Coffee breaks, refreshments and lunch on Sep 28/29
  • Social event/dinner on Sep 28 in the evening
  • Access to conference papers
Standard Rate
Industry/Commercial 600 €
Academic 480 €
Student/PhD Student 240 €
Presenter free for presenting person
Booth/Sponsoring incl. 2 people 1.500 €
One-time fee for all workshops 100 €

Confirmation, Payment and Receipt

A confirmation email will be sent shortly after you register. An invoice will be sent to you via email once your registration details have been verified. All payments are due in EURO. Wire transfer is the accepted payment method. Please ensure that bank fees (exchange rate, transfer charge etc.) are covered. On the wire transfer, please note “UM 2017” and the name of the registrant(s) as a reference. Wire transfer information will be included on the invoice. You will receive a final confirmation of participation upon payment of the appropriate invoice.

Refund Policy

Registered attendees, who unfortunately cannot attend the conference, may be substituted by a colleague or, alternatively, may receive a refund on the registration fee. In the latter case a cancellation fee of 100 € needs to be asked, provided that the refund request is received by August 31, 2017. After this date no refund can be granted.


Attendees registering as students must submit a short letter by their department head or supervising professor that confirms their status as a full time student. Please send this document to this email address, or by fax to +49 331 96766 19. For the invoice, make sure you use the correct address, depending on who is taking over the payment for the event and the accommodation (private address vs. university address).


We plan to take pictures during the event, plus a nice group photo. By registering to this event, you agree that pictures will be published, for instance, on our website.



Sorry – the registration is already closed.