FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG is a German software company with the core team being based in Potsdam, Germany. Our passionate team develops the software CAESES® which targets simulation engineers, but also anyone who is interested in intelligent surface design for automated design explorations and shape optimization.


Our Focus

With many years of experience in the field of flow-related shape optimization and our proven software platform CAESES® in the back, we are able to provide solutions for virtually every problem and bottleneck that a customer might encounter when setting up an optimization process.


What Drives Us

Neighbors, friends and family often ask what we do at FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS. When we say things like “we develop software so that our customers can model and optimize functional surfaces such as ship hulls, turbine blades, turbochargers and piston bowls” we typically get an irritated look.

When we boil it down then to a statement such as “we develop software that is used to cut down emissions and improve energy efficiency” the faces light up a lot.

At FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS we naturally have asked ourselves what impact our daily effort may have. Hence, we have come up with a conservative estimate of how much CO2 we are saving every year just to get a feeling if it is worthwhile to get up every morning and to spend so many long hours at work.

Well, taking into consideration the maritime industry only, our CAESES® users manage to reduce CO2-emissions by much more than 1 000 000 tons annually. And it is increasing steadily year after year. We think that’s a pretty good outcome, and gives us a strong reason for getting up everyday.

“Our CAESES® users manage to reduce CO2-emissions by much more than 1 000 000 tons annually. This is why we do what we do and this makes me extremely proud of our team and company.”

— Dr. Stefan Harries, CEO and co-founder of FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG


About the Company

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS is managed by Claus Abt and Dr. Stefan Harries, both are founders of the company. The company was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Technische Universität Berlin (Technical University Berlin, TUB) and its division Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at the Institute of Land and Sea Transport Systems (ILS). Offering software solutions and design consultancy, the company transformed from the German legal entity GbR to GmbH in 2003.

In 2007 the consultancy branch was excluded and became FRIENDSHIP CONSULTING (now part of DNV GL Maritime Advisory). Software development and support services remained core businesses of FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS.

The company merged with GL Group, now DNV GL, in 2009, and had been part of DNV GL until beginning of 2015. As of 29th of January 2015, the company is an independent stock corporation, called FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG.


Our Customers

Leading companies from the automotive, turbomachinery, marine and energy sector belong to our customer base. Prominent references are SIEMENS, Daimler, VW, Toyota, MTU, KSB, SAMSUNG, DSME, Kawasaki, to name a few.