Solutions for STAR-CCM+ Users

Based on the platform CAESES® we can assist you in automating the use of STAR-CCM+ for the efficient creation and automated analysis of new design candidates. CAESES® offers special export formats for a streamlined data exchange with STAR-CCM+, to make sure surface patches can be identified correctly for each new geometry – even for highly automated design creation processes.

If you are interested in design exploration and shape optimization, we can support and train you in setting up the inbuilt strategies of CAESES®. If you are using STAR-CCM+ together with HEEDS®, we can support you in the full automation of your design process by coupling these packages with CAESES®, to let CAESES® be your powerful geometry engine for complex free-form surfaces.

CAESES uses color identifiers for robust and smart data exchange with STAR-CCM+