Solutions for OpenFOAM Users

If you are looking for a solution to conduct design explorations and shape optimization with OpenFOAM, then do not hesitate to drop us a line. Many of our customers use OpenFOAM together with CAESES® for comprehensive studies on HPC clusters. We can assist you in setting up your OpenFOAM scripts to automate the geometry exchange for new design candidates.

Typically, customers want to automate their OpenFOAM runs, to easily create and analyze new design candidates.

The CFD setup itself can also be fully parameterized to control OpenFOAM through an convenient graphical user interface. We also have a special focus on watertight (closed) robust geometries that can be exported e.g. using a colored STL format, and which can be readily meshed – automatically and for all generated designs of a baseline design.

Automate, control and visualize OpenFOAM setups

Automate, control and visualize OpenFOAM setups in CAESES