For Turbomachinery

Solutions for Turbomachinery Design

Are you interested in design explorations and shape optimization of turbomachinery components? We provide tailor-made solutions on the basis of CAESES® that give you the perfect and complete environment for the design of such applications. Get your fully-parametric and robust geometry model for any type of impeller and axial blades, for instance, for turbochargers and pumps. These models come with fewer & smarter parameters to saves computational time. Of course, all your company-specific know-how can be incorporated, we are always in close contact with our customers.

Such a geometry setup is either available as a CAESES® model with the option for you to still modify them (no “black box”), or they can be accessed through a custom web app so that no special software expertise is required by the user. The CAESES® geometries are 100% robust, and they can be readily meshed and analyzed by your tools of choice. Optionally, we can also provide the periodic mesh domain as a parametric model.

Periodic & parametric domain for immediate meshing

Periodic & parametric domain for immediate meshing



Use your own optimization tools to control the geometry modifications of the CAESES® model in a CFD-driven process. Alternatively, we can provide you an embedded solution for automated studies and variant management, directly in CAESES®! Everything is available right away.