FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMSYour partner for variable geometry, CFD process automation and optimization of flow-exposed products
Released CAESES 5.2 – The Turbomachinery Special The new CAESES release 5.2 was developed with a strong focus on turbomachinery design and is dedicated to users with the CAESES add-on Turbo. It offers a wide selection of components, workflows, and methods to simplify and streamline the parametric modeling of turbomachinery geometries, while maintaining the high level of freedom and customization that CAESES is known for.
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Perfect Shape, Perfect Flow

Are you interested in geometry optimization with CFD? We can support you in the creation of complex geometry models that are ready for optimization, to massively speed up your processes.

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FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS specializes in software and solutions for the design of flow-exposed products.

Our core product is CAESES - a solution for design studies and shape optimizations with CFD.

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS offers expert knowledge in simulation-driven shape optimization.