FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMSYour partner for variable geometry, CFD process automation and optimization of flow-exposed products
CAESES 5 - now available for download After many years of development, CAESES 5 is the beginning of the next generation in the development of CAESES, both in terms of technology and user experience. It brings along exciting new functionality to enable and ease many tasks solved by our users. CAESES 5 represents a completely new platform upon which the future versions of CAESES will build, creating the foundation for many innovative developments.

Perfect Shape, Perfect Flow

Are you interested in geometry optimization with CFD? We can support you in the creation of complex geometry models that are ready for optimization, to massively speed up your processes.

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FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS specializes in software and solutions for the design of flow-exposed products.

Our core product is CAESES - a solution for design studies and shape optimizations with CFD.

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS offers expert knowledge in simulation-driven shape optimization.


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