refit pictureRefitting ships For Improved energy Transport efficiency (ReFIT / ReFIT-CAE). Teaming up with ACCIONA (Spain), Mettle (France) and SSPA (Sweden), FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS has started a two-year R&D project called ReFIT on the 1st of June 2011.

The project aims at utilizing simulation-driven design for the refitting of ships in operation so as to improve their energy efficiency.

Within the project FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS develops and improves advanced techniques of flow visualization as needed for comparing variants. In addition, parametric models are set up for energy saving devices such as ducts, fins, vortex generators etc. Representative ship types are studied to show-case the benefits: a fast RoPax ferry and a high-blockage tanker.

The project is granted within the ERA-NET MARTEC Call 2010, with FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS’ being funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and PtJ as the conducting agency.Design Viewer