Aim of the project GAMMA (“Effiziente GAsmotoren für MaritiMe Anwendungen der nächsten Generation”) is the development and the preparation of new technologies and their interaction within the complete system based on LNG / natural gas as fuel for the next generation of efficient ship propulsion systems. In comparison to today’s systems, the future propulsion systems tend to have higher efficiency as well as reduced emissions. Simultaneously, the economic viability will be preserved.

Turbine wheel model for automated shape optimizations incl. variable scallops

Turbine wheel model for automated shape optimizations incl. variable scallops

The joint research project GAMMA-1 supports the further technological development of turbocharging and engine control as they are core components of future efficient, variable-speed gas engines. The innovative approaches will be clarified below:


Innovative Two-Stage Turbocharging

The new, multidisciplinary optimized, compact and high efficient two-stage exhaust gas turbocharging with low pressure-axial-turbine enables with new methods for development a further increase of the engine efficiency. The compact format of the turbocharger group leads to a lower heat loss and small gas volumes with the result that the dynamic of the turbocharging and thereby the dynamic of the gas engine rises.


Innovative Engine Control Concepts

Due to the development of the innovative engine control concept, which is able in accordance to the set boundary conditions to autonomously find, the ideal settings for the system, it will be possible to permanently achieve an efficiency optimized operation and therefore and increased efficiency of the whole propulsion system.


Research Partners

– MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH

– NUMECA Ingenieurbüro

– Technical University Darmstadt, Fachgebiet Gasturbinen, Luft- und Raumfahrtantriebe (GLR)



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More Information

The current status (Oct 2017) is shown in this PDF that was presented at the CAESES European Users’ Meeting 2017. Here is a German read about GAMMA on the BINE website.