AutoPlan (2020-2023)

The research and development project “AutoPlan” investigates an “Automatic Navigation Assistance System for Planing and Semi-planing Crafts”.

In this project an intelligent navigation assistance system will be developed in order to improve navigational safety of high-speed planing boats.


  • Increase of efficiency and safety of planing vessels such as pilot and patrol boats, yachts and search & rescue boats
  • Development of an optimized hull for a high speed planing boat
  • Integration of an intelligent navigation assistance (INA) system


  • Design of a fully-parametric model with 20 free design variables developed and deployed as CAESES web application
  • 1st optimization run using RANSE-solver to solve viscose flow is ongoing
  • Two ways in parallel considered:
    • 1) Connect Starccm+ and CAESES:
      • evaluation of different optimization techniques
    • 2) Connect GridPro, NEPTUNO and CAESES:
      • fully automatic generation of 3D-blockstructured Grid via GridPro
  • Verification via Extensive numerical and experimental investigations at both model and full scale prototypes
Parametric model design in CAESES

Model Prototype

  • Model size: L=3.46m / B=1,07m / Scale: 1:3.2871
  • Original size: L=11.37m / B=3.5m
  • Weight: 130kg (empty) / 267kg
  • Built by SVA-Potsdam
Model tests at TU Berlin towing tank to validate the newly developed numerical tools
  • Baseline geometry with removable tunnel section (and possibility to add additional sprayrails)
  • Two point mounting with two degrees of  freedom (trim and heave)
  • Removable appendages (Propeller + shaft + bracket, Rudder + Headbox)
  • Built out of rod glued abachi wood, cut by 3500bar waterjet cutting system, and formed by a 5-axis milling machine

Research Partners


Parts of the work presented here were realized within the research and development project AutoPlan,, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) on the orders of the German Bundestag and PtJ as the conducting agency (FKZ 03SX523A).


Sea Trials

The fast monohull designed and optimized during the MarTERA project “AutoPlan” was put on extended sea trials in June and July 2023. UZMAR, the coordinator of the R&D project, held a fantastic naming ceremony on June 22, 2023, with participants from all project partners – FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS, SVA Potsdam, and TU Berlin from Germany, OES, Piri Reis University and UZMAR from Turkey and associated partner CNR from Italy –, representatives of the Turkish shipbuilding industry and many UZMAR workers from the shipyard in Başiskele/Kocaeli, Türkiye.

The boat performs well and reaches a top speed of 30 knots. The design speed at 9.5 tons of displacement was set at 27.5 knots. FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS undertook the simulation-driven design with substantial gains at design speed as well as in off-design conditions.

See the news post for a video of the sea trials in Turkey.

More Information

More details about the AutoPlan research project can be found at the MarTera website and the AutoPlan website.